Eco Insulation and External Solid Wall Insulation throughout Middlesbrough, Cleveland, Stokesley and surrounding areas

WALL - REFORM® was developed to provide a more economical method of providing eco insulation, wall insulation and damp proofing to solid wall properties throughout Middlesbrough, Cleveland, Stokesley, North Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

Who We Are…

Walltransform, based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire is a family run business and was set up by Glenn Melvin in 2001. We specialise in eco insulation, solid wall insulation and external solid wall insulation amongst many others. Glenn comes from a trade background, so has always been “hands-on”. After completing a HND in building studies at Teesside University, this gave him an insight into Thermal Studies and economics.

This led to the development of the fully patented Wall-Reform 1, the worlds most thermally efficient render/plaster on the market. Further development led to the introduction of Wall-Reform 2, which is the same as Wall-Reform 1 but with the addition of an insulating board. This is unique as it creates an insulant on an insulant, and all cold bridging is eliminated unlike any other system on the market.

After several years two of his sons – Glenn and Joseph – joined the business. They have learnt and have full experience in all aspects of the industry including recent certification in Energy Performance Certificates and “Green Deal” assessments.

We pride ourselves in obtaining numerous national awards including winning the prestigious National Business award in 2005. More recently in December 2012, we received recognition from our peers in the insulation industry by winning the coveted “Product Design and Innovation Award” from the National Insulation Association (NIA). This award was won for our new process, ‘within time will be used throughout the sector - “InstantClad”

We welcome the opportunity to work with any organisation and they can be assured of WallTransform’s dedication and commitment to the sector.

Environmental Performance

WALL - REFORM® conserves energy and therefore assists in reducing the demand for fuel for heating and air-conditioning of buildings. As a result, it reduces the emissions of the major greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. The energy and carbon dioxide emissions saved by the product in use, vastly outweigh those generated in its manufacture.

It is free from HCFC’s, CFC’s, and any other materials with ozone depletion potential in its manufacture and content and represents no known threat to our environment.

  • The product is also socially beneficial and helps: -
  • To make wall insulation more readily available at an affordable cost
  • To reduce CO2 emissions
  • To combat fuel poverty for people in older un-insulated buildings
  • To improve the living conditions for the 4-6 million properties suffering from damp proofing and condensation problems

The product helps to combat condensation and associated problems as a result of the product application raising the temperature of the wall construction combating condensation and cold bridging.

What Does Wall-Transform Offer The Customer?

In their endeavours to provide the best possible service and eco insulation amongst many other products, Walltransform have been successful in acquiring British Board of Agrément certificate Quality Assurance (damp proofing and insulation). When our product is purchased our customers must understand that they have not just bought a tested, reliable and fully guaranteed product, but they have also bought it from a company that really cares that satisfaction will always be important.

  • Expert advice on Installation
  • Supply of Quality Products
  • Numerous Finish Options
  • Supply of all Materials
  • Work carried out by Trained Installers
  • Installation Dates Agreed and Adhered to
  • BBA Tested and Approved Product
  • Only plaster/render to give Energy Saving with Pay Back Time
  • Environmental Benefits


Application of the product will be carried out within the context of BBA certification by approved installers, an installer being a firm which:

  1. Is employing operatives who have been trained and approved by Walltransform to install/apply the product and who have been issued with appropriate certification by Walltransform.
  2. Has undertaken to comply with Walltransform application procedures which contain the requirements for each application team to include at least one member with a Walltransform certificate of training card.
  3. Is subject to site inspection by Walltransform. The contractors/installers will also be subject to site inspections by BBA if appropriate.

If you would like more information on eco insulation, external solid wall insulation, or any of our products please call 01642 714123, Stokesley, North Yorkshire.