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Walltransform covers all aspects of rendering. We have various options available to suit the requirements of every individual customer

All of the systems that we install have their own particular strengths.

It is essential the correct type of render be used to protect and enhance any particular building. The use of the wrong type of render, on the wrong type of substrate, will result in failure of the render, and damp problems. All of our systems come with a minimum 25 year guarantee.

Here at Walltransform, we offer different types of rendering systems, including the following;


Wall-Reform system 1 is a basecoat thermal render that is trowel/spray applied and can be utilised on any substrate. The product is crack resistant, thermally upgrading and is finished with an acrylic/silicone through coloured finish coat, with a 1000 colours available.

It’s a quick and easy way of renewing the appearance of any building, while also thermally upgrading it. With Wall-Reform 1, you don’t lose the character of the building in a way you might, if uniformed insulation boards were to be fitted. The product uniquely overlays sound render or pebbledash ect.


This system is exactly the same as Wall-Reform system 1, but with the addition of a Kingspan phenolic insulation board, for an ultimate insulation system that exceeds new building regulations.

Kingspan Phenolic provides the thinnest insulation board, enabling us to meet and exceed building regulations with a 75mm system, compared to 110mm+ for EPS and PIR board systems. Insulation boards are fitted, joints are sealed, and the Wall-Reform insulating render is applied onto them (20mm), followed by the finish coat of choice.

This system has a benefit that no other system can match. Applying the Wall-Reform insulated render directly onto the insulation boards, does away with all cold bridging, because an insulant (Wall-reform) is being applied onto another insulant (Insulation Board). A lot of systems on the market fail in regards to heat being lost in the gaps of the insulation board.

Acrylic/Silicone Finish Coat

Acrylic or Silicone is a finishing coat for a basecoat render, which contains aggregates to display an attractive finish.

It is applied to new and existing render to seal and enhance the appearance.

Acrylic render is available in a wide range of colours and textures ranging from 1mm to 3mm aggregate size

We provide a full 25 Year guarantee certificate with each and every installation or supply of all our products.